Protect Yourself Against Another Failed Romance – The Dictionary of Online Dating Risks From A to Z

I think we all agree on the benefits of online dating. First it expands the pool of potential partners. Second it increases the chance of meeting someone compatible by exchanging pictures, profiles, interests and goals, philosophies on life. And third it helps overcome the initial shyness or awkwardness which is common on first face-to-face meetings. Along with the benefits comes a long list of online dating risks. Dating online means getting involved with strangers, with people that we barely know. The hazards include:

1. Dating married people or people in existent relationships. Even though members are supposed to be 100 % single, that’s not always true. Married people looking for sexual distractions and a breath of fresh air outside their relationships are not rare on dating sites. However their true marital status is never stated in the profile.

2. Dating people with criminal past. almost everybody has made mistakes in their past, but when there is an ongoing affair with criminal activity, that should certainly raise the red flag for you. Arrests, misdemeanor, sex offence crimes, felonies, dui- they can certainly say a lot about the character of the person that you are dating.

3. Dating people with addictions. Drinking, drug, gambling problems. Any form of addiction could be detrimental for a healthy relationship. And people never “label” themselves as alcoholics or chain smokers. Instead they put down ” social drinkers” and “smoke rarely”. Addictions are never stated upfront at the beginning of the relationship and detecting them later could lead to a disappointment.

4. Dating free riders and gold diggers. A lot of people use dating sites to find additional forms of income. Some are simply trying to free ride on every sort of date activity: from the first dinner to the first big vacation together. Others plan to go deeper, build trust and bonding, find a way to your heart and eventually find a way to your bank account and credit cards. Even though we trust our good judgment of character and consider ourselves immune against possible unscrupulous dates, emotions and dating excitement often cloud our ability to gauge people and situations correctly.

5. Dating sexual predators. Let’s face it, not everybody is in the game because they need serious relationship. Dating sites provide excellent source of one night stands and free sexual partners. Both men and women are taking advantage of this new venue for worldly wants. And while there is nothing wrong with dating for sexual pleasures, sometimes it could be a source of disappointment and frustration for the other partner.

6. Dating people that we are not attracted to. It’s easy to get carried away with emotions and excitement when dating online. You gradually get to know somebody and your interests are aroused. But his true image remains somehow mysterious because you’ve never really met. And here comes the reality check. Fist date in person…The magic is gone. There is no chemistry and no physical attraction even when the intellectual connection is there. Unfortunately online dating cannot answer the question of “face-to-face” chemistry. The answer comes only in the “offline” world.

Online dating risks are numerous. Apparently we can’t leave everything to fate if we want to spare ourselves some unpleasant surprises. If you want to be on the safe side, always background check your date and know who you are going to meet. Otherwise you might be heading for a romance disaster.

Free NBA Betting Tips – How to Cancel the Gambling Mentality and Concept

If you analyze most successful entrepreneurs, among many different variables and elements, you will find one common “fixed cost” if you will, that regularly brings in great profits: they all use a system. What do I mean by a system? A set of tools, physical, made of people or knowledge, machines or websites, you name it, something that makes their work streamlined and leveraged. Leverage is key.

Fast foods restaurant are the prime examples in the category of brick and mortar businesses: that’s why they can be practically run by high-school kids. They have solid set of operation, marketing etc so they can be run the same no matter if they are in Texas or in France or in Asia.

Do you think it’s different in gambling? Mmm… not at all. Do you think it can’t be a business? Chances are you do, and I don’t blame you. Until you’re exposed to what successful people do, in any field, you don’t get it, you simply can’t fathom certain things.

Well, I’m here to share with you that there is an elite of people, that actually can look at their sportsbook account and see profit at the end of the season. That being NBA season, NHL, MLB or any other major sports, or all combined!

Aren’t you tired of just doing guess work? Think about when you place your bet and than your start praying, knocking on woods, sweating…. who likes that? Aren’t you sick of overspending or over betting, run out of your money sooner than you thought? My mission is to give you a simple formula, some precious sports betting tips and strategies, one slightly different for every major sport, to cancel the word gambling from your dictionary.

Cancel those streaks of losses. Learn how to effectively manage your bankroll. To basically make sports betting an additional stream of income for you. And why not…. even quit your job soon enough if you’re lucky to have one right now.

So let me reveal 2 very important tips, the foundation of my sports betting technique.

When you want to go about betting on NBA, do you pick the spread or the money-line?

Do you know what they are?

The spread is betting that that team will win or lose by that specific amount-for example, a spread of +6 means that if your team, won’t lose by more than 5 points, you will win the bet. A negative spread is about of how much your team should win. The money line is betting on a team victory straight up, no matter the points.

*** First important rule: forget about totals and partials, like quarters or half time results

*** MOST Important rule: ALWAYS bet on the spread, and ALWAYS buy 3 points on the spread.

Your sportsbook should have the option of “buying” (adding, no money needed don’t worry) points on the given spread. If it doesn’t, change sportsbook. You can see below for what I recommend.

What do I mean by canceling the gambling mentality:

When you have a system for betting, you will pick the games always the same way, you will follow a specific set of rules for each sports you’re betting on, over and over again.

When you choose the amount, you will use the same percentages of your bankroll, over and over again.

Because of the 2 things combined, after you use the system for an entire season at least, more than one actually cause you can bet on multiple sports, you now have winning percentages that you will expect, year after year.

Gambling is “hoping”… you pray for your luck to be enough to win…. Do you want to rely on this and waste money? What I’m talking about here is Knowing that you will win the vast majority of the times, 90% of the time actually.

If you have someone that serves you a proven system on a silver platter, one that has been used for year, you don’t have to test and test….. You will make money from day 1.

It’s been a pleasure and hopefully it’s been interesting, – Vince, Sports Betting Pro.

Vince the Sports Betting Pro is making sports betting a predictable business with predictable results. He will show you how and it’s not that hard. He’s offering a FREE, Full 7-day trial of his sports betting systems.

Dream Dictionary – Find Out What Your Dreams Are Telling You

Dictionary for Your Dreams

A dream can hold meanings to a person to help uncover the underlying workings of the subconscious mind. You will sometimes find objects, animals, persons or places in a dream and you wonder if it carries a special meaning or if it can mean a future of good fortune or years of misery. Do we have a good reference for this purpose? Yes, we definitely do. Check out Dream Dictionary to see what things or objects can hold for you.

Wonder no more about things you see in a dream and find out what they mean in this easy to read ebook. Good omens in life can be gathered when you see the following items in your dreams: apples, cheese, eggs, fishes, playing card, a white rabbit, spider, swan, umbrella, whiskey and wine. On the other hand, you may not want to see some things in your dream as it brings negative meaning to one’s life such as vinegar, stapler, snake, scissors, any reptile, black rabbit, palace, mustard, monkey, mirror, kiss, empty house, gun, grasshopper, goat, empty glass, winning in gambling, calendar, low flying birds, crab, and an empty barrel.

You will find more things with meanings on this book and see to what extent your dream can hold for you. You must remember that dreams mirror your mind, body and spirit. It gives you an insight to yourself and provides a means of exploration of one’s deepest thoughts and secrets.

Worth It

Find a worthwhile read in Dream Dictionary where you will finally find the key to your dreams and what they mean at a very affordable price. Find out for yourself what your dream can be trying to tell you all this time. It sure beats going to a clairvoyant and find some pronouncements that have little prophetic meaning to you. Also, it has become impractical to seek one for each dream that you may encounter from time to time.

Use this book to open up your mind to your dreams and what you mind could be telling you. Start listening to your subconscious and get the most out of each dream as you deep dive into all possible meanings of these dreams as they come. Take what this ebook offers you – a wealth of information that can help you understand your whole being and find a connection with your mind and spirit via dreams, all yours to unlock now.

Is the Stock Market Legalized Gambling?

A lot of people think twice about getting into the stock market because they believe it is similar to gambling. We are living in hard economic times where everyone is looking for a way to make extra money and secure their financial future. Because of the high standards of living and financial pressure, some people opt for methods such as gambling in order to earn money. While some people believe investing in the stock market cannot be equated to gambling, others believe otherwise. To understand the difference between gambling and whether the stock market is a legalized form of gambling, it is vital to know what each definition involves.

It’s important to mention that both investing and gambling involve putting money into use with a hope of getting back more. The dictionary meaning of gamble is highly associated with games which has no association whatsoever with stock investing. Therefore, it is accurate to conclude that gambling is closely associated with games and entertainment but with the aim of making a better return on the initial investment. On the other hand, investing in the stock market is all about business. It’s good to mention that in some countries, gambling is outlawed and therefore, those found engaging in this practice are reprimanded by the law. On the other hand, stock investing is a business investment practice that is legal across the globe. Based on this explanation, stock investing is purely a business activity and cannot therefore be referred to as legalized gambling.

For gamblers, their ultimate aim is to reap as much money as possible after playing a game. However, for stock investors, they don’t aim for immediate profits but rather, wait until the markets become favorable to allow them make good returns. In other words, it could take months or years before you finally make good financial returns.

The purpose of engaging in gambling and the stock market is totally different. A lot of gamblers engage in this activity in order to make money for leisure activities. However, the stock market is used by investors to grow their investment in order to spend it productively. Investing in stocks is a serious affair and can therefore not be associated with any gambling techniques. Stock market investment is a long-term affair while gamblers do it for short-term excitement by putting their money at risk and hope for a chance that it will turn around their financial fortunes.

However, despite the differences, there are a few things that both gambling and stock investing share in common. To begin with, they both involve the use of money in form of an investment whose return is not known. In other words, they are associated with both the risk of time and money. The stock market shouldn’t be at any one time confused with gambling whether legal or not because the two operate differently. It is important for the difference between the two to be clearly defined to avoid sending out the wrong perceptions.