Conventional Asthma Treatments


How to control allergies and asthma problems? Allergy triggers are common but they can also be avoided if you know how to do it. Asthma, hay fever and allergies make our lives harder, but there are ways of getting rid of such conditions, or at least defeating them to a point where they have insignificant negative effects. You can use asthma and allergy medication such as Tylenol for good relief, but there are also some other ways of eliminating allergies. Clean home, less asthma problems Regardless is you are suffering from asthma or some form of allergy, you can still create a nice and safe environment in your home. Getting rid of elements that irritate your airwaves is essential, so vacuuming and cleaning the house frequently is a must. Put your laundry straight in the dryer and never hang bed sheets or clothes outside where they can collect either pollen or other troublesome elements. Some asthma treatments – such as asthma inhalers and asthma drugs – will have reduced positive effects if you continually expose your airways to dust and pollen.

Tylenol type medication is known to reduce the negative effects of allergies – check with your physician to find the best solution. Asthma and air conditioning Air conditioning can help you reduce the problems created by asthma, but only if you change the filters regularly. Air ducts should be cleaned once a year and filters changes frequently, otherwise the air conditioning system will do more harm than good. Keeping the dust and pollen out by closing your windows is a good idea and you might also want to try a dehumidifier to prevent mold growth. Combining bronchial asthma information with the prescription asthma treatment from their doctor, patients can combat this problematic condition.

Steroids for Asthma

Asthma is a disease that affects the airways, generating symptoms like coughing, wheezing or a tight chest. There are many forms of treatment for this illness, including the administration of steroids for asthma. What does the treatment with steroids for asthma involve? Research has shown that steroids are one of the most effective treatment when it comes to controlling asthma. The main steroid for asthma is the corticosteroid, which can be administered in two forms: steroid inhalers and steroid tablets. Steroids for asthma are designed to have the same effect as cortisone, a hormone normally produced by the body. This hormone is involved in the response to stress, it suppresses the immune system and it increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The effects of steroids for asthma become evident within several hours from administration. The chest tightness gradually lessens and breathing easier. Some patients find that tablet steroids give them a lot of energy for a short period of time. Are steroids for asthma safe? Inhaled forms of steroids for asthma have less side effects than the oral forms. The side effects of inhaled steroids for asthma are: thrush, cough, hoarseness, while those associated with oral steroids are: weight gain, depression, increased appetite and immune system suppression. In severe cases that call for the administration of steroids for asthma for a long period of time, it is useful to discuss with your doctor the advantages of this kind of therapy and the risk of unwanted side effects that may issue from it.